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Considered to be one of the world’s most important sectors, the automobile industry is also one of the most dynamic and diversified areas, with continuously changing scenario in terms of market demand and technological advancements. With new brands coming into India, competition is becoming fierce, and it is getting crucial to know what consumers need and how they perceive various brands. Secondly, post-sales service being one of the biggest differentiators, the consumer’s voice is critical to understand and appreciate this difference.

Given this, it becomes imperative for the Automobile Companies to be updated on market trends, their service levels, consumer’s ever-changing needs and how the competition is faring which can further help them in taking strategic business decisions.

We, at Q&Q Research Insights Pvt. Ltd., have been associated with the world automobile giants in meeting their market research needs. We boast of a well-qualified team of postgraduates, Ph.D.’s and MBA’s who with their experience and knowledge, deliver quality work, and cater to all the research needs.

Methodologies we use –

  • Mystery Shopping :-

    Mystery Shopping is conducted to understand the service levels at dealership outlets and whether the mandatory norms of the company are being followed or not. Such studies include a visit to the dealership posing as a potential buyer, checking on the service levels, audio recording the interaction, and reporting the deviations. Having the correct profile of the mystery shopper is key to such studies. Hence special emphasis is given on the profile of the mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers are selected, keeping in mind the automobile segment and brand under review.

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies :-

    Customer satisfaction studies are conducted to understand how customers feel about automobile brands, their perceptions, and expectations. This helps in keeping abreast of what is happening in the market, and how customers are behaving, how their expectations are changing in terms of quality of the vehicle he owns or desires.

  • Car / Bike Clinic :-

    Car / Bike Clinics are organized before the release of a new variant of the automobile in the market. This gives an idea about how the consumers will respond to the variant. A car/bike clinic is generally a three-step procedure that involves concept evaluation, car evaluation, and lastly the test drive. At each step, a questionnaire is canvassed among the target group of respondents, and their feedback is noted. Recruitment of the respondents is done through a rigorous recruitment questionnaire.

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Case Studies

Checking discount violations during car sale process at dealerships

Checking discount violations during car sale process at dealerships

The Scope – Our client, a major car manufacturer, had an understanding that their dealers all over India were giving additional discounts over and above what the company was already offering. This resulted in a disparity in the market. This tracking study was undertaken to identify such dealerships so that suitable action can be taken.

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Getting insights on end to end sales process at car dealerships

Getting insights on end to end sales process at car dealerships

The Scope – The client, post-launch of the latest variant in their B category of cars wished to understand the end to end sales process followed at the dealership for a car sale. The process started with the customer’s first contact with the dealership through phone/web until the last follow up call made to the customer post his actual visit to the dealership.

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