Testing new packaging and temper proof technologies for an MNC in India

The Scope –

  • Our client wanted to launch original packaging with new tamper-proof technology.
  • This was needed to fight the counterfeit issue that one of their leading chemical brands was facing in India.
  • The research that was stimulus tested were six design prototypes including the existing one and five counterfeit technologies, i.e., security layers were tested through concept cards along with samples of closely resembling products.
  • The study was conducted in 4 key states in India.
  • The target Group was Consumers and Retailers of the brand.

The Methodology –

  • Common Location testing was done, where we set up booths for testing the packaging design one by one.
  • Consumers were brought in and comparative testing between the various packaging prototypes.
  • Consumers were asked for their feedback on each packaging prototype, and rating on various parameters was taken, which includes – ease of use, shape, size, functionality, temper proof, attractive, color, etc.

The Outcome –

  • The study helped the client to identify the best pack design in terms of appeal, graphics, shelf visibility, attractiveness, handling, storing, etc. Additionally, the best temper proof technology was needed, which would force consumers to destroy it after use, leaving no chances of recycling.
  • Semiotics was done to determine the best design and its relevance.