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Unleash the potential

Consumer Panels consist of studying the buying behavior of a prefixed set of consumers on a given criteria over a period. They are believed to be representative of the entire market. These consumers are contacted over a period to answer questions/ review/ give their opinions about various products and services that they use. Companies often set up panels of a large population and then use a subset to answer questions. Consumer panels are often a cost and time-saving approach, as the process of recruitment does not need to be done each time for a survey. Another clear advantage of a panel is that it is nonspecific, and consumers often can answer questions without any positive or negative bias towards any product or service.

Consumer panels work in different ways

  • Existing Panels :-

    which are accessible by any client to address their research objectives. Usually, these studies are short and crisp with 10-15 straightforward questions and are done with a subset of the panelists. These studies are generally done as a self-filling questionnaire through online interviews. Surveys are sent to the panelists on a mobile device or on their email addresses and consumers who fulfill the target group criteria get to complete the questionnaire. There is generally a small incentive attached to completing a form.

    Q&Q currently has access to a large rural consumer panel with over 5 Million consumers across India.

  • Customized Panels :-

    These panels are created for a particular type of customer based on the target group identified by the client. These panelists are active on the panel for a definite time period and continuously provide feedback on their purchase decision making, buying behavior, brands purchased, etc. Additionally, clients also ask specific relevant questions as the need may be. These panelists also maintain dairies where they note information regularly as desired in the research.

    Q&Q’s Experience –

    • In the past Q&Q has maintained a women panel for a significant sanitary napkin manufacturer for a few years to note their usage behavior to various brands and products.
    • Sugarcane Farmers panel in Uttar Pradesh consisted of 500 farmers who regularly gave us information about the brand used and method of applying.
    • Currently, Q&Q runs a large farmer panel study for Rice, Cotton and Chilli crop at an all India level consisting of 8000 farmers.

    Methodologies used –

    • Quantitative Face to Face Interviews with CAPI
    • Diary Writing