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Checking discount violations during car sale process at dealerships

The Scope – Our client, a major car manufacturer, had an understanding that their dealers all over India were giving additional discounts over and above what the company was already offering. This resulted in a disparity in the market. This tracking study was undertaken to identify such dealerships so that suitable action can be taken.

Understanding customer satisfaction with sales & after-sales service for a Tractor major

The Scope – The study was conducted for a major tractor manufacturer to gauge the satisfaction at 3 points – Sales satisfaction (SS), After-sales satisfaction (CS), Product satisfaction (PS). Along with this, the satisfaction scores at each of these points were mapped vis a vis competition. A quantitative study conducted in 7 key states in India

Getting insights on end to end sales process at car dealerships

The Scope – The client, post-launch of the latest variant in their B category of cars wished to understand the end to end sales process followed at the dealership for a car sale. The process started with the customer’s first contact with the dealership through phone/web until the last follow up call made to the customer post his actual visit to the dealership.

Development of Claims bank for one of the world’s largest electrolyte formulation

The Scope – The client, a well-known consumer healthcare company, wanted to create claims for one of the world’s largest electrolyte formulation. Hence validation of these claims was required from qualified HCP’s. Quantitative Face to face interviews with 350 HCPs that consisted of GPs, Paediatricians, and Gynecologists.

Understanding brand equity of essential cough management brand and possible line extension

The Scope – Our client had a top-performing cough management brand; however, in the recent past, the brand developed some issues. This led to the damaging of the brand name. Hence the client wanted to understand the brand equity and further check for line extension with a new formulation that does not cause addiction.

Mapping the consumer journey in the derma care category

The Scope – The principal objective of this study was to precisely understand the whole journey a consumer goes through in various skin and hair related conditions. They also wanted to know the role of influences including dermatologists, peers, beauticians in the decision making while treating these skin disorders.

Understanding the perception of SUV’s amongst Indian consumers and impression of SUV advertising using semiotic decoding

The Scope – The client was one of India’s most considerable SUV manufacturer. They wanted to understand the perception and opinion of Indian male consumers towards their new advertising campaign.15 Focus Group discussions were done with Male consumer across six major cities

Understanding the Usage and Attitude for a major Tea Brand in India

The Scope – The client is a major FMCG manufacturer. They wanted to reinvent their major tea brand in India. Hence understanding the changing behavior of consumers was critical. Apart from reinventing the brand, the client wanted to understand in-depth how to make the next move in the tea category.

Product pack testing for a leading FMCG hair oil brand

The Scope – The client wanted to evaluate the best product pack concept amongst women in India who use Hair Oil sachets. (small SKU Users). The client realized that using hair oil sachets lead to significant product wastage as the amount in 1 sachet was slightly more than 1-time usage. Total of 4 Focus Groups in Delhi streamed LIVE through Focus Vision to London

Capture Voice of Customer (VOC)

The Scope – The client wanted to develop a comprehensive model of capturing the voice of customers continuously. Detailed objectives of the research included. Listen to the customer and CAPTURE his / her PAIN. Understanding need gaps and suggestions to improve. Get process Insights. Highlight best Practices of Competition vis a vis Client

To measure CSAT through the life cycle of a telecom customer

The Scope – The client commissioned this study to capture meaningful insights on customer journey during the entire life cycle from acquisition to churn. The study aimed at the following – To gauge efforts at various customer touchpoints. To monitor current customer service levels and benchmark with competition

Conducting nationwide service quality Audits for a Global Telecom player in India

The Scope – The client, a renowned global telecom player, engaged Q&Q to do their service quality audits at their retail touchpoints and call centers. The scope included – Visiting 800 retail stores of client across India and another 250 stores of top 3 competitions. Each retail store was visited two times in the month.

Post Launch Recall for a Brand TVC

The Scope – Our client wanted to measure the impact of the ATL Activity for their iconic insecticide brand and document the effect of the Ad campaign on overall brand health, imagery, and usage. Overall the client was interested to know – Has the ad Improved their brand’s awareness and usage

Understanding Brand Equity and Customer satisfaction for Major Seed player across 4 Crops

The Scope – The client had multiple brands across four different crops. They did an internal customer satisfaction study each year but wanted to get a third-party perspective in one particular year. Furthermore, two acquisitions made in the last five years created no differentiation between the umbrella brand and the sub-brand…

Pricing Correction for a premium brand using DCM

The Scope – The client, a large MNC, wanted to review the price strategy for one of their highest selling brands in the country which were going out of patent in a few years. A price correction was needed to get the maximum market share before other competition crept in to take stock. The study was conducted among 2400 growers of 6 different crops

Testing new packaging and temper proof technologies for an MNC in India

The Scope – Our client wanted to launch original packaging with new tamper-proof technology. This was needed to fight the counterfeit issue that one of their leading chemical brands was facing in India. The study was conducted in 4 key states in India. The target Group was Consumers and Retailers of the brand.